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5 Regrets Most People Have On Their Deathbeds

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The only way to fulfill your dreams is to think like you are on your deathbed. On deathbeds, people regret that they didn’t live their life the way they wanted to. Here are some of the common regrets of people on deathbeds.

1. I Wish I Had Lived My Life True to Myself: Most of us live our life according to society. To influence people around us, we forget how many dreams have gone unfulfilled.

2. I wish I Travelled When I Had a Chance: A number of people love to travel, but due to their busy life, they don’t travel. When they are on deathbed, they regret not having traveled when they had a chance.

3. I wish I hadn’t Worked Hard and Given Time To Family: To earn a lot of money, we don’t give time to our family and friends. In the process, we miss our childhood, youth and time with our partner. When we are on deathbed, we realize money is not that much important.

4. I Wish I had Expressed My Feelings: Due to some fears, we don’t express our feelings to a person whom we loved so much. On deathbed, we regret we had the guts to express our feelings.

5. I Wish I Made More Friends: Friends are the real wealth. We spend most time of our life in working to earn money. In the process, we don’t spend time with friends. On deathbeds, many individuals regret that they had made new friends.

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