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7 Things You Should Not Do To Your Best Friend

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Your best friend is the best person of your life. You share a number of things with that person. Here are some of the things that you should not do to your best friend:

1. Don’t judge you best friend. The person is with you and will always be with you. Don’t think your best friend is selfish.OMGVIS0232-1
2. Don’t tell your friend that he/she is looking bad when actually they are not. Your best friend is the only person with whom you can speak directly.

3. It’s really okay to click a picture with your best friend, but don’t show it to others when your best friend is not looking good in the picture.

4. Your best friend shares secrets with you and expects you not to leak them. It is your responsibility to keep your best friend’s secret as your secrets.OMGVIS0232-4
5. When you have a best friend, you have to like the persons your best friend likes. Don’t hate the individual your best friend loves so much.Friends working together
6. Don’t involve with your best friend’s ex. It is like cheating your best friend.OMGVIS0232-6
7. Your best friend can call you anytime, even at 3 am, and you can’t say ‘why are you calling me now’??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????



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