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Myths about single parents and their kids

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Single parents and their kids have a more struggling life as compared to others. At every stage of life they go through situations wherein they feel like being cursed or unfortunate. Here are some myths about single parents and their kids:
1.    Many people say that a single parent home is a broken home. But this is not the reality. It is harsh to say that if parents have separated the home is broken. In reality, there are a lot of homes that become whole and happy after parents’ divorce.OMGKAV1007-1
2.    It is generally said that single parents don’t give their kids the attention that they could get when have both parents.  No matter that single parents have limited time but then their kids are always their priority.42-24248972
3.    Generally people think that the single parents desperately look for a partner or can say a mom/dad for their children. This is not the reality as a lot of families with single parents are running quite well.OMGKAV1007-34.    People often have a misconception especially for single women that they are easy and can get ready to have sex with anyone. This is not the case in reality and is no more than a myth. OMGKAV1007-45.    It is often said that the single parents are often single because they couldn’t handle a relation and make it work. In that case, you must know that it takes to people to make or break a relation.OMGKAV1007-5

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