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Signs you are in a long term, committed relationship with yourself

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In a world like today blessed are the ones who are in a long term committed relationship with themselves. Here are the signs you are one of them:
1.    You love to appreciate your beauty. You love yourself the way you are. It is you who tell yourself whether you look cool or not. You only consider your expert comments.OMGKAV1009-12.    You don’t let toxic people come in your life. You love to hang out with who see hope in even the hardest situations in life. You love the ones who encourage you to love life.OMGKAV1009-23.    If the weather is romantic and you want to go out on a ‘geri’, you don’t look for people to accompany you, rather go alone and enjoy the freedom and cool breeze.OMGKAV1009-34.    The most blissful thing in your life is that you are not afraid of being alone after all you are your true love and enjoy every moment spent with the self.OMGKAV1009-45.    You live your hobbies and do the activities that you love. You are whole in yourself and don’t depend on anybody else for anything.OMGKAV1009-56.    You are your teacher and student. For every step taken nearer your goal you award yourself. You pamper, scold and adore yourself.OMGKAV1009-67.    You take proper care of your physical and mental health. You never let the things said by others have a bad impact on your mind. You love to pamper your skin.      OMGKAV1009-7

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