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Top 7 reasons for divorce

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Divorce cases have been increasing at a very fast pace in this world. Different couples have different reasons behind their separation. Here are the top 7 reasons for divorce:
1.    Infidelity- Cheating is the root cause of a lot of divorces. When somebody breaks the trust beyond repair then it is very difficult to trust again. And, if such a thing happens in a couple, relation suffers and divorce is the outcome.
2.    No Individual identity- Lack of personal identity is one of the main reasons behind divorces. In many homes, the cases are individuals are not allowed to express themselves out of the couple-dom.
3.    Lot of Arguments- Some couples are always seen indulging in arguments. They don’t have understanding, acceptance and eventually decide for peace over their marriage.
4.    Marrying too young- If you marry a person at a very early age, your mind is not prepared to handle the responsibilities that come along with it and thus results into disastrous consequences. You can’t handle life complications and decides to give up on your marriage.
5.    Unrealistic expectation- Some people have unrealistic expectations from their partners and when they get to face the reality everything gets ruined.
6.    Lack of communication- If an individual has almost no communication with his partner then it is very difficult for them to survive together. Lack of communication brings differences and leads to divorce.
7.    Poor Commitment- In some couples an individual doesn’t stay committed on his words and often hurts other partner. As a result of poor commitment there comes a time when they feel that it is better to live alone than as a couple and get divorce.

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