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5 reasons the future will be terrifying

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Nobody knows what is going to happen next but all that one is quite aware of is the fact that the actions done today are going to have an impact on the future. Here are the reasons the future will be terrifying:
1.    The world population has tripled in the past 60 years putting stress on every aspect of the environment. This major issue is linked to all other issues the world is facing today. If the population keeps on multiplying then the doomsday is not that far.OMGKAV1207-12.    Rising sea levels is one of the major concerns that is going to lead to disastrous consequences in the future. Around 50% of world’s population lives on the coasts and in case the sea levels keep on rising then unfortunately their future is going to be terrific.OMGKAV1207-23.    Everything present on this Earth is becoming polluted. From air, water to soil, each and everything is getting polluted due to human activities. Due to pollution, the environment is suffering badly and in case it goes on then the future is going to be terrifying. OMGKAV1207-34.    Hunger and food crisis is somewhere linked to climate change. Even today a lot of people can’t even fulfill the basic necessities. They don’t have anything to eat and are suffering from undernourishment. This is an indication that the future is going to be terrifying. OMGKAV1207-45.    Drinking water scarcity is one of the major issues the world is facing today. Due to less number of water resources, it seems like the future generations will die of shortage of water.     OMGKAV1207-5

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