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5 Reasons You Are Exhausted All The Time

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You must have some people around you who feel exhausted every time. At times even they don’t know why they feel so. Here are the reasons some people are exhausted all the time:
1.    Improper Sleep- Human body needs proper sleep of 6 hours in a day. In case you are missing your nap time and using it in other stuff, then there are more chances that you will remain exhausted the whole day.OMGKAV1107-12.    Improper diet and Skipping of Meals- Incase your diet is not serving your body needs then there you might feel exhausted the whole day. Skipping meals is not good for your body and in case you do so your body functioning might get imbalanced.OMGKAV1107-23.    Anemia- There are chances that you might be suffering from shortage of red blood cells in your body. These cells bring blood from lungs to other parts of the body. Fatigue is the main symptom of Anemia. Get your anemic test done.OMGKAV1107-34.    Huge Workload- If you are a kind of workaholic person and spend most of the time in working hard then there are chances that you might remain exhausted whole day. You must have heard, All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.Heavy workload concept with surprised woman on background. Selective focus5.    Improper Water Intake- In case you don’t drink water properly then you would feel tired the whole day. Drinking water makes one feel better and if there aren’t enough fluids in the blood vessels then blood pressure goes down making one feel tired.    Young woman walking over bridge and drinking bottle of water after jogging

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