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5 Things Indian Women Want to Say To Society Loudly

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There are many things that women in India want others to know. They want to tell people about the things that they are generally told to keep mum. Here are five such things that Indian women want to say to society loudly:
1.    Babysit your Kids- Children are not only a woman’s responsibility, men should also help them out in babysitting their kids.  Just like women work and take care of home, men should also know how to babysit a child. OMGKAV1109-12.    End of Male Domination- Women want to tell the society that gone are the days of male domination. These days women are independent and don’t need them to survive in case they don’t behave properly.OMGKAV1109-23.    Helping Hand in Household chores- Women want the society to know that men should know how to do household daily chores also, as there are times when women are not well and want somebody to prepare food for them.OMGKAV1109-34.    Stop Judging- Women want all to know that one can’t judge a girl by the way she is dressed up. All the girls who wear mini dresses are not sluts and all the girls dressed up in traditional attires are not innocent.OMGKAV1109-45.    Marriage is not all about kids- Women want men to know that the sacred bond of marriage is not all about having kids. Men should grow up.     OMGKAV1109-5

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