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5 Weird Things People Text after Getting Drunk

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Party means getting drunk. It is the time when you can’t control yourself. A lot of people do weird things after getting drunk. Sending texts after getting high is the most amazing thing to deal with. Here are some of the weird things people text after getting drunk:

1. Text beyond Imagination: Some people become the most creative people in the world. They start discussing beyond imagination topics with their friends who are not high. It becomes almost impossible for their friends to understand what to reply.OMGVIS0239-1
2. Confession About Sex: Some people become dangerous after getting high. They send text to their friends about who they slept with. They send texts that their friends don’t want to read.OMGVIS0239-2
3. Text Their Feelings: Some people become expressive after getting high. They start sending texts to their crush about their feelings. They send texts like, ‘you are the cutest person on the planet’.OMGVIS0239-3
4. Text About Quitting Job: Some people who are frustrated from their job send texts to their boss. They send their resignation over the phone.OMGVIS0239-4
5. Make Apologies: Some people make apologies for their past mistakes. They text like ‘I am sorry’ to people whom they had hurt earlier.    OMGVIS0239-5

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