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6 things we all do but don’t want anybody else to do

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There are many things which when we do is fine but when somebody else does it seems not right. We often don’t realize what is wrong when we are doing something but take no time in pointing out if done by somebody else. Here are some things we all do but don’t want others to do:
1.    Judge- When somebody does something wrong we take no time in criticizing them, pointing out their mistake and make them feel embarrassed. But when it comes to us, we expect others not to judge us.  OMGKAV1105-12.    Interrupting- It feels so annoying when you are saying something and somebody interrupts you in between. But we often do expect others to keep mum and first listen to what we are saying.  OMGKAV1105-23.    Boring Lectures- Nobody wants to listen to boring lectures and can’t take it easily. We hate it when our elders tell us something, gives us lectures but we never realize that we do the same thing when we are with somebody younger than us. We want them to listen to us.OMGKAV1105-34.    Make others wait- Nobody wants to wait and finds it very annoying. But, everybody finds it fine when get late for somewhere and make others wait. This is not fair. OMGKAV1105-45.    Fight over little issues- When others fight with you on silly issues, you are like ‘come on dude, stop overreacting on petty things’. But when the ball is in their court, you are upset and fight with them on little things, and then you find it right.OMGKAV1105-56.    Ignorance- It is the worst feeling when somebody cares for you, loves you and you avoid or ignore them. At times we easily make somebody feel ignored and later come up with the excuses to prove ourselves right. But then there are times we feel the same and call others cruel, which is not right.     OMGKAV1105-6

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