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6 Things You Can Do in India Without Getting Punished

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India is a country of culture, religions and values. For people from other countries, India is a land of mystery which amazes them. During their visit to India, they see some bizarre things that surprise them because they are not illegal here. Here are some of the things that one can do in India without any fear.

1. In India, you can pee on roads, but you cannot hold your partner’s hand in public. You will see ‘don’t urinate here’ board on many walls around the country, but still some people choose to pee on those walls.OMGVIS0237-1
2. It is totally fine to throw garbage on streets and nobody is going to punish you.Garbage dumped on a road in East Delhi on Monday as MCD workers are on strike for the last 10 days due to non-payment of salaries for three months by the Municipal Corporations in Delhi. Photo by K Asif 08/06/15
3. You may have seen kids and youngsters playing on a busy road in India. There is no rule in the country that can stop you from playing any kind of sport on roads. OMGVIS0237-3
4. People are allowed to sleep on footpaths and nobody cares about that. Government doesn’t think about constructing shelters for homeless people.OMGVIS0237-4
5. If you are stuck in traffic, you can honk carelessly. Don’t care if someone is feeling irritated because of your honking.OMGVIS0237-5
6. You can bathe on street and nobody is going to arrest you. Instead of telling you not to do so, three or four people will give you the company.OMGVIS0237-6

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