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7 Reasons Father-Daughter Relationship is Special

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It is generally said that girls have a stronger bond with their fathers as compared to mothers. This is true to a lot extent. Here are the reasons why father-daughter relationship is special:
1.    The relationship between a father and daughter gives the daughter an indication of how a relation with a male is supposed to be. Fathers can tell their daughter much about how guys are and what kind of expectations they have.OMGKAV12005-12.    Fathers share a special bond with their daughters. Even after getting married, father remains the first kind in the life of his daughter.OMGKAV12005-23.    Father is the foundation that assures daughter that she is not alone and would always have a selfless helping hand with her in the form of her dad. OMGKAV12005-34.    Fathers are the ones who make their daughters lead a confident and independent life. They teach their daughters about how to do things by their own.Father Helping Daughter with Homework5.    It is a father, who makes his daughter feel the most beautiful girl on the Earth. He makes her realize her value.OMGKAV12005-56.    Fathers give their daughters a sense of security and make them feel safe in this world. OMGKAV12005-67.    Fathers’ love is selfless and unconditional. They only know giving and make their daughters feel like the princess of their life.    OMGKAV12005-7

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