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7 Things to Stop Caring To be Happy in A Relationship

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Happy relationship is bliss but these days it is very difficult to be in one. Most people are not satisfied in their relation and often go through fights. Here are the things you should stop caring about to be happy in a relationship:
1.    Let go past- You should never bring the things gone long ago in between your present conversations. You should stop caring about those things and move on.
2.    Facebook happy show-off couples- Many couples are in a habit of posting their kissing selfies, romantic statuses and a lot of stuff showing off how happy they are together. You shouldn’t let yourself become jealous because to them.
3.    Stop being attention seeker- In a relationship you should not always act as if all you need in life is your partner’s attention. You should stop caring about whether he/she is always focusing on you or not.
4.    Don’t spy- Insecurities lead to break-ups and divorces, so you should avoid snooping. You should trust your partner.
5.    Stop focusing on what you don’t have- Instead of focusing on the things you don’t have in life, focus on all that you possess. Love and value the things you have before they become the ones you had.
6.    Accept- Accept your partner’s flaws and weaknesses and motivate him to do better. Stop pointing out his/her weak points and make him/her embarrass.
7.    Stop proving yourself right- It is not always important to win an argument and prove yourself right. So, stop proving yourself right at the cost of your relationship.

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