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7 things we secretly or openly miss from the 90s

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There are a lot of things which have become a thing of past today, but we still miss them. Here are things we secretly or openly miss from the 90s:

1. Music or movie cassettes and tapes were nothing less than oxygen for the music lovers of 90s. Even today we miss those cassettes and the way we used to keep a cassette collection of our favorite artist.OMGVIS0241-1
2. There was a beautiful time when game boys used to exist. It was one of the coolest things in the 90s no matter how limited games it used to have.OMGVIS0241-2
3. How can I forget to mention those shinning tazoos? Many of you must have bought those chips, biscuits, etc., just to get the tazoos they had in them. Tazoo collection was a very big thing that time.OMGVIS0241-3
4. Every 90s’ kid can easily relate to Sony Walkman, he/she use to flaunt with in front of his/her buddies.OMGVIS0241-4
5. Slap bracelets were something everybody was ready to die for. Slap bracelets used to come in different colors and patterns. The sound that used to come while you wear them was amazing.OMGVIS0241-5
6. At that time everybody had huge craze for outdoor games like musical chairs, pass the parcel, ice and water, hide and seek, etc, but now these amazing games have become a thing of past.OMGVIS0241-6
7. Multipurpose pencil case was the dream accessory that everybody wanted to own. That multistoried box had its own charm.      OMGVIS0241-7

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