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7 Things Your Neighbors Want to Ask You But They Don’t

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The people living next door are always very special. Actually, they are great. They keep an eye on your house, family members and people who are arriving at your home. They always have warm conversations with you, but there are some things they don’t ask you. Here are some of them:

1. Today’s world revolves around technology. Your neighbors know you have a Wi-Fi connectivity secured with a password; they want to ask you the password of your Wi-Fi, but they won’t.OMGVIS0236-1
2. They want you to give at least one kilogram sugar when they ask you to give two teaspoons of it.OMGVIS0236-2
3. So you get a new job. Great. Your neighbors get to know that and they want to ask your salary. They won’t ask because it needs guts.OMGVIS0236-3
4. They want to ask you when you are coming home late. They keep an eye on you when you are entering the house, but don’t know why you are late.

5. Sometimes, they wish they could use their real tongue to tell you what they really think about you.

6. When they visit your house, they want to tell you what is dirty in your house, but they don’t.

7. You lend a bowl from your neighbor and forget to return. When they visit your house, they want to ask you about that bowl.

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