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Effective Ways to Fight Fair In A Relationship

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Fighting is a part of every relationship. Couples have fights but all that they must focus on is the fair way of doing so. Guys have ego issues and girls take everything to heart due to which situations often get worse. Here are the effective ways to fight fair in a relationship:
1.    Never react immediately, think before you speak. The best thing you can do is send a message or an email to your partner describing the problem. This way you will be polite to him and he can better understand the problem without any misunderstanding.OMGKAV1201-12.    If you have done something wrong and your partner is upset with it, genuinely apologize and assure him that such a thing won’t happen again.  This way you will be able to deal with the situation calmly and fairly.OMGKAV1201-23.    Never forget that putting your relationship at risk just to win over an argument is not at all a good idea. Things can get better, but once a relation gets broken it is very difficult to repair.OMGKAV1201-34.    If your spouse has done something wrong and you are upset with it, firstly think about what might be the reasons behind his step and then react. Forgiveness is healthy for relationship. So, handle the situation after considering all the aspects.OMGKAV1201-45.    The most important thing is that once the issue is resolved, erase it from your memory and never bring the matter back again in your conversation with your spouse.    OMGKAV1201-5

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