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World’s 5 Most Athletic countries

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It is the athletic score of a country, in terms of Olympic medals, that tells how athletic a country is. The population of a country plays an important role in counting this. Athletic score is counted by dividing the average number of medal won in all the Olympic Games by population of that country. Here are the world’s 5 most athletic countries:
5.  British Virgin Islands- This nation has an athletic score of 193 and has won only 1 silver medal in 17 Olympics. It is all because of this nation’s population 31,148 people, that it has got the 5th spot in this list. OMGKAV1206-54.   Finland- This nation’s athletic score is 194. Across 45 Olympics, it has won 458 medals. Most of the medals won by the residents of this country are bronze.2301583P OLY MEDAL CEREMONY X3. Norway- The athletic score of this nation is 213 and has won 451 medals in 45 Olympics. Most of the medals won by this nation are gold and then silver. It has won a total of 148 medals at the Summer Olympic Games.S0208_Opening_Ceremony_CM015.jpg2. Bahamas- This country’s athletic score is 254 and the residents of this country have won 12 medals in 15 Olympics. Most of the medals won by this nation have come from Summer Games.OMGKAV1206-21.  Liechtenstein- The athletic score of this country is 730, which is above all other nations. Even with just 9 medals in Olympics so far, this country’s average number of medals is more than others. It is the most athletic country per capita with 15,000 of its 35,000 residents being athletes.OMGKAV1206-1


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