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5 Amazing Things That Technology Has Replaced

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Technology has changed the lives totally. But, in this process many amazing things have also been replaced. Here are some of them:
1.    Handwritten Letters: Technology has completely replaced the handwritten letters. Earlier people used to write letters to express something but then now things have changed. Handwritten letters had their own charm.Writing letter to a friend.2.    Real Friends: Earlier we used to have friends with whom we used to communicate, roam around and depend on. But, now all that we have are Facebook friends, virtual friends that exist only to like and comment on pictures.OMGKAV12004-23.    Landline, telephone: Gone are the days we used to rush to pick up the ringing phone with an excitement that who is calling. But, now landlines, telephones are replaced by cell phone and the charm is no more there.OMGKAV12004-34.    Photo Albums: Earlier we used to capture photographs, get them printed and make a collection of memories in a photo album. But, now the cell phones have replaced this. These days, people do have virtual photographs in their gadgets but no printed pictures at home.OMGKAV12004-45.    Outdoor Activities: Earlier, children used to play outside with their buddies. They used to have fun playing games like chain-chain, ice and water, etc. but these days all they do is play video games. Hardly any children are seen playing those amazing outdoor games today.

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