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5 common tech myths

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People have a lot of misconceptions about technology, which they blindly believe in. Here are some of the most common tech myths:

1. You must have heard people saying that don’t charge your gadget overnight it may burst your gadget. Fortunately, this is not true for the modern appliances as these gadgets automatically stop getting charged after reaching the maximum limit.OMGVIS0245-1
2. A lot of people think that Mac computers can’t get viruses but this was proved untrue recently in 2012. A Trojan affected thousands of Mac computers that year.OMGVIS0245-2
3. People say that it hardly affects your laptop if you keep it plugged in while using it. But this is not true, as once your laptop is fully charged you need not to keep the battery plugged in. By doing so, you might over heat your laptop which will make your laptop overcharged.OMGVIS0245-3
4. All of us think that once we delete the stuff from the recycle bin it gets deleted forever, but this is not true. Even after getting deleted, bits of information still remain. It will just reallocate the space on the hard drive and opens space up to be written again.OMGVIS0245-4
5. People who love photography buy phones with more megapixels because they think that more megapixels mean better camera. But to their disappointment, this is just a myth. The quality of the picture highly depends on how much light the sensor is able to take in.


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