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5 easy questions we still don’t know the answer to

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There are still a lot of simple, easy questions we don’t know the answer to. Here are some of such questions:
1.    Science fails to explain why Giraffes have long necks. Different people have different things to say about it, but nobody knows the real answer to it. OMGKAV12003-12.    One of the most mysterious and unexplained things related to birds that even Science fails to explain is why birds migrate. All of us know that birds migrate from one place to other covering long distances but the unanswered question is why birds do it at all.OMGKAV12003-23.    Science has explained a lot of things in relation to humans but still lacks at explaining how do we store and retrieve memories? It still remains to be one of the most confusing questions.  OMGKAV12003-34.    We all know that ice is slippery and walking on it is not at all an easy task. But, what nobody knows is why it is slippery? Many people have come out with their explanations but none of them fully explain the reason. Science still hasn’t got a satisfactory answer to this.OMGKAV12003-45.    Dreams are common, all of us see dreams at night but none of us knows what exactly dreams are. Even Science doesn’t have an exact answer to why we see dreams at night. Undoubtedly it is a resident feature of our brains but nobody knows why brains go in LCD mode at night.    OMGKAV12003-5

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