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5 myths about Human Brain

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Different people have different things to tell about brain. There are a lot of things, sayings floating across the world about our brain, but unfortunately most of them are just myths. Here are some of the myths about human brain:

1. One of the most common misconceptions that people have about brain is that ‘the bigger the brain is, the better it is’. This is not true, for example whales have a bigger brain as compared to human beings, but then, you can’t argue that they are more intelligent than humans.OMGVIS0248-1
2. People generally say that you are left-brained or right-brained but in reality there is nothing like left or right brained thing. There are different hemispheres in the brain controlling different actions, but as a whole there is no left or right brain dominance.OMGVIS0248-2
3. It is commonly said that we, humans have five senses, including, sight, taste, touch, hearing and smell but this is not the truth. Our brain controls more than these five senses. One of these examples is have you ever wondered how you get to sense whether something is hot or cold? It is through the sense called thermoception.OMGVIS0248-3
4. It is a myth that the damage we suffer in brain remains lifelong, as it has been found that brain can make new connections to replace the ones, which have got damaged or affected by something.OMGVIS0248-4
5. Many parents make their kids indulge into mind and reasoning games because they believe that brain games will improve their kid’s memory skills, but this is not true. A study commissioned by BBC has proved this fact a myth.    OMGVIS0248-5

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