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5 myths about what men find hot in girls

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We often think what is that which guys call hot? We wonder about their definition of being hot. People have a lot of myths about what men find hot in girls. Here are some of them:

1. First and the most important thing is Guys love the way you look ‘naturally’. They don’t like make up, and even if you want to apply, keep it simple. They find that natural element the hottest in a girl.OMGVIS0246-1
2. For girls, it is not at all the size of body parts that attract guys, it is actually the attitude with which you carry yourself. For them confidence defines one being hot.OMGVIS0246-2
3. For guys, a simple girl, who properly takes care of her face, hair and dress-up, could also be hot. They hardly notice the accessories you are wearing, as they want to be mesmerized by your simple beauty.OMGVIS0246-3
4. Girls try to keep their nail paints tip top to attract guys but this is just a myth that guys notice nail paint. It hardly matters to them if you are wearing hot pink, aqua blue or not wearing one, until unless your nails are clean and in shape.OMGVIS0246-4
5. It is a myth that guys love slim, size zero kind of girls. All that guys find hot in a girl is the way a girl pampers her body, tries to stay fit and eat healthy. No guy wants his girl to fall sick just to shed those extra pounds.    OMGVIS0246-5

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