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5 Superheroes that actually exist

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You all must have seen superheroes in TV series and flicks but have you ever wondered about their existence in real life? Well, here are some superheroes that actually exist:

1. Mr. Xtreme: This is an American real-life super hero in San Diego, California. He has been a volunteer crime-fighter for over 10 years now. He believes in the power of an individual and is indulged in a number of affairs for the betterment of his community. There is everything extreme about him.OMGVIS0243-1
2. Z- He is an unlikely hero who had a strong lust to hurt people, so he started roaming on streets. To satiate it he started focusing on the rapists, muggers and other offenders. He wears a metallic armor which gives him the resemblance of the DC villain Deathstroke.OMGVIS0243-2
3. Super Hero- There is a man named super hero who has attended a police academy and done wrestling in the past. His outlook is a reminiscent of classical super heroes and is a supporter of many charities.OMGVIS0243-3
4. Master legend- Based in Orlando suburb of Winter Park, this reality superman supports his people by fighting for their rights and believes in charity. He got highlighted among people while patrolling the streets.OMGVIS0243-4
5. Urban Avenger- This man has a very simple origin. While watching a flick, he once wondered why don’t someone dress up like a super hero and fight crime. Soon he came to know about Mr. Xtreme from a friend, met him and decided to join him in his war against crime by becoming another super hero named Urban Avenger.    OMGVIS0243-5

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