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7 Things that make your relationship feel real

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Relationships these days are full of complications. Some relations suffer from trust issues while others have love issues. Here are the things that make your relationship feel real:
1.    You miss each other- If you are in a relationship and you haven’t talked to your partner since long and you miss him, then it shows your relationship is real. If you can feel a person’s absence then only you can value their presence.OMGKAV1304-12.    You are naked with them- You are naked with him in all the aspects. You are like an open book to them and share every little thing with your partner. This shows how transparent your relation is.OMGKAV1304-23.    You worry- Worrying is a part of life. But in a relationship if there are moments when you worry about your partner’s health, day, work, etc, all that it shows is you care for them.OMGKAV1304-34.    Arguments- No relation can be smooth. Love and fights are part of a relationship and they come together to make it stronger. If you and your partner have arguments then it shows you don’t fake yourself, instead both of you stay real to each other.OMGKAV1304-45.    No Giving up- Ups and downs are part of a relationship. If you and your partner have survived such rough phases in life together without giving up, it means you guys have a real relationship.OMGKAV1304-56.    You are afraid of them- When you love somebody unconditionally, you think about them twice before doing something that is wrong or might hurt them. You are afraid of them.OMGKAV1304-67.    You apologize- Apologizing somebody doesn’t make you small, and if in a relationship you accept your fault and apologize, all that it shows is the fact that for you your relation is more important than proving yourself right always.     Couple Having an Argument

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