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7 Types of People you meet at a store

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When you go out shopping you meet different types of people. Each one is unique in his/her own way. Here are the types of people you meet at a store:
1.    In a rush customer- Some people come for shopping in a hurry. They literally run from one counter to another, picking stuff and without any trolley. They look for the shortest queue at the time of billing.OMGKAV12009-12.    Mother with kids- You often meet mothers shopping in the store along with their kids. Most of the time mother spends in telling her kids that they don’t need to buy this or that stuff, than spending time on shopping. Kids in store mean mess.  OMGKAV12009-23.    Professional Shopper- Some people are professional shoppers. They exactly know what to buy, how to bargain and do shopping quickly. You can easily notice such people.Attractive mixed race woman reading label of food item at supermarket4.    Couple- You can easily find couples shopping in a store. They are like one is saying the particular product is in need but the partner says there is no need. They argue more than they do shopping.  OMGKAV12009-45.    Check List Shopper- You can find people with a list in one hand and products in the other hand. They enter the store, follow their list and buy the stuff. They don’t buy anything out of their list.

woman reading her shopping list in the supermarket with copy space

6.    Confused Shopper- Some people look so confused while shopping. Firstly, they pick some products, and then they keep them back, a few minutes later they again make up mind to buy those products. OMGKAV12009-67.    Guy Shopping Alone- Many times you must have come across a guy shopping alone in the store. In most of the cases they are there to buy stuff as per the instructions given by their wife or mother.  OMGKAV12009-7

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