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Awkward moments new parents experience

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Parenthood is a priceless experience and is not less than a roller coaster ride. The minute you become a parent, you realize a lot of things that nobody can teach you. New parents face a lot of struggles initially. Here are some of the awkward moments they experience:
1.    It is an awkward moment in the life of new parents when their kid poops on them and makes everything dirty and smelly and they have to touch that poop and clean it.OMGKAV13002-12.    Breast feeding is a very difficult thing to do. The moment you are out and you baby wants feed and you feed them but he leaves a wet spot on your shirt, is very awkward and embarrassing moment.OMGKAV13002-23.    After the birth of a child, the moment nurse asks you about whether to place the little one with you on bed or in the separated cot. You feel so awkward that you don’t have any reply to it. You are happy and scared at the same moment.OMGKAV13002-34.    Being new parents you don’t know how to handle a kid and it gets so awkward when you are sitting in a silent place and you baby starts crying out loud and doesn’t keep quiet.OMGKAV13002-45.    The moment your kid poops on somebody else and you are like ahhh. You feel so awkward and embarrassed at the same time. OMGKAV13002-56.    It is a very awkward moment for new parents when they give their kid in somebody else’s lap and the little one leaves scratches on their body.     OMGKAV13002-6

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