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Barbaric practices that still exist

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Many of you must have a misconception that barbaric practices are things of past. But, you are mistaken as there are many barbaric practices that still exist, even today. Here are some of such cruel activities:
1.    Female Genital Mutilation: This practice is among the list of modern barbarism.  In this, some or all the parts of a female’s external genitalia are removed. This activity is practiced in the most in the parts of Africa and the Middle East. It has religious and cultural backgrounds dating back to 484 B.C.OMGKAV12008-12.    Public Execution: There was a time long back when people used to enjoy and have fun during the public executions. Today, although the scenario has changed, there are many countries wherein public executions are carried out to deter people from crime. OMGKAV12008-23.    Witch Hunts: Even today, in many parts of the world witch hunts are practiced. When somebody is recognized as a witch he/she is totally cut off and is later killed. For example, in India around 150 to 200 women are executed every year and in Saudi Arabia witchcraft is lawfully deserving of death. OMGKAV12008-34.    Slavery: When one hears the word slavery, the first thing strikes in the mind is that it is a thing of past. But, this is not the reality as slavery still prevails in many countries across the world. India has the highest number of slaves that is around 14 million people. After it, comes China with 2.9 million and then Pakistan with 2.1 million enslaved.OMGKAV12008-45.    Infanticide: This cruel practice is done even today in many parts of the world due to different reasons. Under this, a child is killed or sacrificed intentionally. Some people kill their infants due to their incapability to take care of the child while some kill because of the sex of the child.     OMGKAV12008-5

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