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Things every girl in her twenties must know about her body

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Body of a girl goes through a lot of changes throughout life. Here are the things that girl in her twenties must know about her body:
1.    Nobody is perfect if you keep on comparing. But, trust me if you love yourself you won’t feel a need to be perfect. Your body is self sufficient to make you feel whole in life. Stop comparing.OMGKAV13001-12.    Never feel bad about your body there must be some girls wishing they would have eyes or figure like you. Sunny Smile3.    Nobody in this world is satisfied in this life even in terms of body. The once who have heavy boobs wish for light ones and the ones who don’t have anything wish they would have girly huge boobs.OMGKAV13001-34.    Instead of pampering anybody else, pamper your body as it is the only thing that will stay for the longest time with you. OMGKAV13001-45.    Body of a girl in her twenties goes through time to time changes, so instead of feeling bad about it, start embracing them. Change is the only constant thing in life.Teenage girl friends embracing6.    It is your body and it is your responsibility to take care of it. Nobody else is going to take care of your body.OMGKAV13001-67.    Being a girl, you need to take proper care of hygiene as your body is sensitive and can easily catch infections. OMGKAV13001-7

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