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Things men do that turn women off

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There are a lot of things that men do sometimes knowingly and most of the time unintentionally that turn women off. Here are some of such things:
1.    Men often leave nothing as a mystery and immediately open up to women, which turns women off. They would love to know you own their own instead of you telling them about how you are.OMGKAV1305-12.    If a woman is talking to you and you are listening to him while doing something on your mobile phone then it is not at all good. Women are attention seekers and hate it when their men don’t pay attention.OMGKAV1305-23.    Women love to remain tip-top, full on hygienic and maintain their body properly. Guys who have a shabby lifestyle, dirty nails and smelly body turn women off.OMGKAV1305-34.    If a man takes sex as something owed to him or something to be taken then this is not right. Such a thing would definitely turn women off.OMGKAV1305-45.    Over-insecurity turns women off. Possessiveness is fine but when it turns to be over-possessiveness it becomes suffocating. So, avoid being insecure spouse.Young couple holding glasses with champagne and woman looking for them, outdoors, focus on woman with red hair and man6.    If a man dominates his woman then it will definitely turn her off. Women want to be respected, not ruled.OMGKAV1305-6

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