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World’s 5 biggest gold mines

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The world loves gold, but have you ever wondered from where it comes out from in the largest amount? I am going to tell you about some biggest gold mines the world have:

1. Grasberg, Indonesia: This mine is the biggest of all the gold mines in the world. It contains 100Moz+ of gold. Freeport McMoRan owns this mine but has a large sharing agreement with a miner named Rio Tinto.OMGVIS0247-1
2. South Deep, South Africa: Located in Witwatersrand Basin, this is a high grade deep underground mine, containing 80Moz+ of gold. It is expected that this mine will maintain its high gold production till 2057. And, this mine is estimated to last till 2080.OMGVIS0247-2
3. Lihir, Papua New Guinea: With 64Moz+ of gold, this mine is on 3rd spot in the list of world’s biggest gold mines. This mine started production in 1997. Australian major Newcrest bought it for US$22B in 2010.OMGVIS0247-3
4. Muruntau, Uzbekistan: Physically, this mine is the Earth’s largest open pit gold mine. Its measurement is 3.5km x 2.5km across at the surface and contains 50Moz+ of gold. This mine started production in late 60’s.OMGVIS0247-4
5. Olympiada, Russia: With 47Moz+ of gold, this mine is on the 5th position in the list of world’s biggest gold mines. Discovered in 1970, this mine started production in 1996. This mine is located in an area, which is the heart of Russian natural resource production.    OMGVIS0247-5

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