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5 Funny and Weird Things Girls Do When They Are Angry

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It is almost impossible to tell why a girl is mad. You cannot even predict that a girl is angry. But, here are some things that girls do when they are angry. These things tell you that a girl is really angry.

1. Stay Silent: If a girl is silent, there is something seriously wrong. A number of girls stay silent when they are angry. During that time, they ignore you and pretend like you don’t exist for them.OMGVIS0285-1
2. Keep Talking: Some girls keep talking all the time. They talk about things from past and start arguments. The best way to keep her calm is to stay quite.OMGVIS0285-2
3. Behave Crazy: When they are angry, most girls start behaving strangely. They do multi-tasking when they are angry. You will notice that their hands are moving faster than usual.OMGVIS0285-3
4. Talk to Friends: When a girl is angry, she makes a call to her best friend and tells her about her problems. She shares her secrets with her ‘bestie’.OMGVIS0285-4
5. They Say ‘They Are Fine’: When a girl is mad at someone, she will say ‘she is fine’. If she says so, believe nothing is fine.     OMGVIS0285-5

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