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5 Hilarious Things Fathers Do While Parenting

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Being a parent is the best thing in the world, but parenting is not an easy task. You have to be extra careful when it comes about your little one. A father has a special bond with his kid. Their relationship is always filled with love and right intentions. Here are some of the things that a father does to entertain his kids:

1. Telling Funny Stories: A father usually tells amusing stories to his kids and thinks the kids are going to believe anything. He narrates some exaggerated stories and tries to be his kids’ hero.OMGVIS0283-1
2. Teach Lessons: Most of the fathers around the world are strict. They want their kids to be honest and disciplined. Sometimes, they choose strange ways to teach their kids valuable life lessons.OMGVIS0283-2
3. Multi-tasking: Some fathers do multi-tasking while parenting. They feed their baby while playing their favorite video game.OMGVIS0283-3
4. Keep the Kids Busy: In parenting, you have to entertain your kids, but you cannot miss your video game too. Many fathers keep their kids busy by assigning them some tasks so that they can play their favorite video game.OMGVIS0283-4
5. Irritate the Baby: Fathers love playing with their kids, but while doing that, they forget that they are actually irritating the baby.    OMGVIS0283-5

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