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6 Advices We Give to Others But Never Follow Ourselves

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We think we give decent advices to others that can help them in various ways. We people are better at giving advices to others rather than following them. This is because following your own advice is the hardest medicine to swallow. Here are some types of advices that we give to others but do not follow ourselves.

1. Don’t Over-think about Problems: We usually advice our beloved ones who are depressed or facing problems not to think too much about the problems. In reality, you know it is almost impossible to forget the problems.OMGVIS0281-1
2. Stay Relaxed: Another type of advice that comes from our mouth when our relatives are panicking is to ‘stay relaxed’. We advice them to take a deep breath and tell them that nothing bad is going to happen. But in reality, it is very difficult to stay relaxed.105632754
3. Do What Your Heart Says: Sometimes, we tell worried people not to take other people’s advice and do what their heart tells them to do. In the process, we forget that we are actually giving them an advice.OMGVIS0281-3
4. Don’t Eat Junk Food: We all know that too much junk food is harmful for health; that is why we ask our friends and beloved ones not to gulp too much junk food. In reality, we consume junk food without caring about our own advice.OMGVIS0281-4
5. Tell Him/her About Your Feelings: When it is about a relationship, we all have an advice. We advice our friends to tell their feelings to their crushes. But when it comes about following our own advice, we hesitate.OMGVIS0281-5
6. Don’t Use Social Media Too Much: There are many people around the world who are addicted to social media. We usually advice our friends not to get addicted to social media, but we use those social media websites too much.  OMGVIS0281-6

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