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6 Annoying girlfriend habits that guys hate

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Nobody is perfect in this world. Here are some annoying habits of girls that guys hate:
1.    Over-possessive nature- Guys hate it when their girlfriends get over possessive for them. Guys can’t take it when girls try to keep a check on their activities. OMGKAV1308-12.    Public display of problems- Guys hate it when their girlfriends start sharing what is going on between them on their social profiles. The most annoying thing they find is that after an argument their girl puts a status on Facebook in relation to it.OMGKAV1308-23.    Gossiping- Guys don’t keep on thinking about what somebody has said about somebody else and anything related to what is going on in others life. They hate it when their girlfriends start a gossip session with them.OMGKAV1308-34.    Flirting- Guys don’t like it when their girls flirt with other guys no matter even if they are doing it for fun’s sake.OMGKAV1308-45.    Interference- There is times when guys want to spend some time alone. They don’t like it when their girlfriends keep on interfering in their every matter. In every relationship, people need some space.   OMGKAV1308-56.    Guy friends- No guy can understand and bear it if his girlfriend hangs out with her guy friends. They just can’t see her with them.

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