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6 Reasons you should be flirting

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Flirting is generally considered as a bad thing to do just because some people flirt with an intention to have sexual benefits which is shameful. But, otherwise, flirting is healthy not only for the person you are flirting with but also for you. Here are the reasons you should ne flirting:
1.    You learn how to break the ice- The ones who flirts becomes the best conversation starters. They exactly know how to break the ice with somebody. Such people are in huge demand these days.OMG1402-12.    No Commitment- If you flirt with somebody it doesn’t means you are going to get committed with them, or marry them it is just that you are complimenting them and exchanging some good talks.  OMG1402-23.    Getting used to risks- Risks are very important in life. You need to take risks if you want to achieve something in life. The act of flirting includes a lot of risk in it as you never know the other person might slap you.  By flirting you get used to risks in life.OMG1402-34.    Fun- In today’s busy life everybody wants to add some fun to their life. Some people do so by complimenting the unknown and by flirting with others.  OMG1402-45.    Confidence boost- When you compliment somebody and he replies you back both you and that person feels a confidence boost. You feel good that you successfully complimented that person and in fact that person replied to you. OMG1402-56.    Strengthens the relationship- If you are married and often flirt with your spouse as if you guys are strangers to each other, then it is very healthy for your relation. Such a thing strengthens the bond you are sharing with your partner.     OMG1402-6

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