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6 Struggles You Face When You Have To Wear Formal Clothes To Office Everyday

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There are a lot of things you have to go through when one starts working. Here are the struggles you face when you have to follow a dress code in office and wear formal clothes everyday:
1.    Formal attires generally come in light colors due to which you have to be very careful while traveling as they get dirty in no time.
2.    You have to bear huge expenses as a formal branded shirt and trouser costs much higher in comparison to the casual wears.
3.    You have to repeat clothes 2-3 times in a week as you don’t have that many options in formals. Moreover, you can’t afford to buy a number of formals.
4.    While following a formal dress code you have to be up to the mark with the socks, shoes and tie you are wearing. You can’t just pick your favorite shoes and wear them with formal trousers.
5.    You have to be very particular at the time of ironing your formal clothes as they look the best only with ‘kareez’ on it. With improper ironing they look ugly.
6.    The most annoying thing is that if you have to go on a buddy party after the office you have to think twice, as you just can’t go on a casual party in formals.

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