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6 Things you never knew about fats

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Fats are not all that you think them to be. We often misunderstand what fats actually are. Here are some things you never knew about fats:
1.    Did you know that the fat cells you have in your body can swell to about six times their minimum size.OMGKAV13003-12.    A classified female hormone estrogen is a fat storing hormone and is also present in males. When a person gains weight, the level of estrogen shoots up leading to health problems.OMGKAV13003-23.    Are you aware of the fact that if you don’t take in any fat at all then you can short-circuit your body? Yes, you are reading it right.OMGKAV13003-34.    Trans fats should be avoided at any cost. A number of healthy foods have saturated fats in them. These fats are not that bad for the body but trans fats are as they don’t have any nutritional value.A young woman is kicking a donut on a white background within an assortment of junk food. There are cookies, chips and ice cream. Use it for a diet or nutrition concept.5.    When we hear about fats we think they accumulate around our waist. But, what we don’t know is that all the fats are not of such kind. In fact white fats have been found to burn calories.OMGKAV13003-56.    Did you know that the fat cells behave in different way in different parts of the body. Abdomen fat cells are metabolically more active in comparison to fat cells present in other parts of the body.  OMGKAV13003-6


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