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8 Signs Your Smartphone is Your Life

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Technology has made our life simpler than it was years ago. Today’s smartphone allows you to do a number of things with it. You can live without food for one day, but you cannot live without your smartphone. It always goes with you wherever you go. If you are addicted to your smartphone, then your gadget is like sunshine to you. Here are some signs which prove that you cannot live without your smartphone.

1. The first thing you do in the morning is ‘checking your phone’ and the last thing you do before going to sleep is also ‘checking your phone’.OMGVIS0282-1
2. Whether you are going to attend a meeting or go to a washroom, your smartphone is always with you.Young woman checking social media on the toilet
3. You love checking your phone even when there is no call, no message from someone.OMGVIS0282-3
4. Losing your smartphone is the worst thing that can happen to you.OMGVIS0282-4
5. You can’t afford leaving your phone at home. When it happens, you feel like you are in Stone Age.OMGVIS0282-5
6. You smartphone always has a tough lock code. It is tougher than your bank account password.OMGVIS0282-6
7. You spend more time with your smartphone than with people.OMGVIS0282-7
8. Your bed is near the plug where you can charge your phone.OMGVIS0282-8

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