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8 Situations You Face When You Are The Only One Amongst Your Friends Who Understands Technology

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If you are tech savvy and your friends don’t have any knowledge of technology then you can easily relate to this. Here are the situations you face if you are the only one amongst your friends who understands technology:
1.    All of them consult you when they face any kind of tech crisis.
2.    You are the only one who is updated with the technology news.
3.    They want you to accompany when they go to buy any gadget.
4.    You are in a habit of sharing new stuff related to gadgets and whenever you do so your friends roll out their eyes on each other in boredom.
5.    You feel bad when you find that none of your friends are excited to know that you have got a new feature in your cell phone.
6.    You have no body in your friend group to consult to whenever you face any problems with your gadget. After all you have no tech savvy guy in your group.
7.    There are moments when your friends speak such a dumb thing about mobiles or laptops and you are like ‘hmmm’, ‘ya’ while holding your smile.
8.    Your friends often call you addicted to technology and call you by the name ‘Mr. Tech Savvy’.

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