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Easy ways to deal with jealousy

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Jealousy is the cause of a lot of problems in life. Some handle it positively while most of the people fail at dealing with it. Here are some easy ways to deal with jealousy:
1.    Don’t Compare: There is always somebody going to be better than you in life. This doesn’t mean you will start hating them. OMGKAV1403-12.    Just say it: Don’t keep things in your heart just pour your heart out as it can save you from a possible emotional blast. By doing this you won’t be giving a way to jealousy in your heart.  OMGKAV1403-23.    Reality Check: Most of the people who easily get jealous are the ones who think a lot and prefer to live an imaginative life. To deal with jealousy you must live in reality rather than imagination. OMGKAV1403-34.    Learn from your jealousy: Even if you get easily jealous, don’t worry as you can learn from it. Take it positively and use it as a fuel to drive your passion to achieve your goals in life. OMGKAV1403-45.    Remind yourself of your strengths: The moment you think of yourself to be less than somebody else start reminding yourself of your positive traits. Look at your strengths and all those qualities you posses.    OMGKAV1403-5

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