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Promises to make and keep for happy healthy relationship

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With relationships come a lot of responsibilities, complications and promises. Here are some promises to make and keep for happy healthy relationship:
1.    Shower love: Promise your spouse that you will never miss a chance to remind him/her about the unconditional love that you have in your heart for him/her. You will shower love in all days to come.  OMGKAV1405-12.    Stay together in tough times: Promise your spouse that you won’t leave him/her when the days will go darker and will face those times together to come out of them shinning. You will never leave his/her hand no matter how hard it would be to stay.OMGKAV1405-23.    Priorities: You won’t leave your spouse for the sake of other things or people. Promise him/her that he/she will always be on the top in your priority list. OMGKAV1405-34.    No fading: Promise him/her that with time your love will not fade, rather you will make it shine more and more every passing day. You will try to keep life exciting till the end.OMGKAV1405-45.    Communicate openly: Promise him/her that during the tough times you won’t assume or trust what others have to say about your spouse before communicating to your partner/spouse first. OMGKAV1405-56.    Promise to be your hero/heroine: Promise your spouse that you will always come up with countless reasons to make them realize that they made the best choice by choosing you. You will always outshine for them. OMGKAV1405-6

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