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Relationship truths every woman needs to know

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Relationships are complicated and demand the efforts of both the partners for smooth going. Here are some truths about relationships that every woman needs to know:
1.    Never forget that only you are responsible for your happiness. It depends completely on you. Nobody can make you happy unless you really want to be.OMGKAV1404-12.    In real life there are no saviors always. You should remember that are your only savoir and should know how to deal with life issues. You can always look for somebody to come and save you.OMGKAV1404-23.    You must know difference between being agreed and being supportive. If your partner doesn’t agree with your point of view it doesn’t mean he won’t support you in it. So, speak out your mind instead of assuming things. OMGKAV1404-34.    In life change is the only constant thing and nothing is forever. Life never stops and you have to move on in life.OMGKAV1404-45.    In reality first impressions matter, they really do. In the first look people are the way they are and later on they can pretend to be somebody else just to impress you. OMGKAV1404-56.    In life you can’t change things and people according to you. To have a smooth relationship you must learn to accept. OMGKAV1404-67.    Never forget that both the partners are responsible for the condition of a relationship. You can’t blame your partner for the complications you guys are going through in a relationship.OMGKAV1404-78.    Life is a journey full of ups and downs. You face a lot of challenges and you must face them instead of running away from them.        OMGKAV1404-8

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