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Signs he is the guy you should be marrying

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In today’s world, it is not an easy task to find the right partner for marriage. Even if you are dating somebody, you can’t make out easily whether you should marry him or not. Here are the signs he is the guy you should be marrying:
1.    Understanding: If the guy you are dating understands you completely and tries to know the reasons behind the move you before questioning it then you should marry him without any second thoughts.OMGKAV1401-12.    Freedom: Generally guys are very over possessive and act dominatingly. But, if the guy you are dating allows you to have fun with your friends at times and also accompanies you in your social circle, then he is the one you should marry.ID:724448803.    Commitment: These days lots of relationships suffer from commitment issues. When you talk to your guy about commitment and marriage plans and he doesn’t flinch at that topic, then you are going in the right way. OMGKAV1401-34.    Doesn’t judge you: If your guy loves you the way you are and never judges you then I must tell you that you are lucky to have him in your life. He is the one you can think of spending the whole life with.1050805715.    Talks through conflicts- Conflicts, arguments and fights are part of every relationship. If you guys get into a fair fight and try to find the solutions to the problems instead of giving way to misunderstanding then you should marry him.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????6.    Honest- Lack of honesty is one of the main issues that lead to break up and divorces in most of the cases. But if your partner is honest and believes in confronting you no matter how hard it this then, he is the one you should marry.


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