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5 Famous Things That Were Invented by Indians

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There is no doubt that India is a land of wonders. There are many Indian inventions that shaped the face of the world. Here are some of the things that were invented by Indians and then became famous worldwide:
1.    Yoga: Nowadays, many individuals around the world perform yoga to keep themselves fit. Do you know it was invented in India about 26,000 years ago? The word ‘Yoga’ is derived from word ‘Yuj’, which means unite. OMGVIS0101-12.    Buttons: Buttons that we use in shirts were invented in India. Mohenjodaro used button to solve the purpose of ornamental. Indus Valley Civilization is known for using buttons for the very first time.OMGVIS0101-23.    Zero: You may have heard about it. Aryabhatta invented zero and used it in his research. Today, you cannot perform any mathematical calculation without zero. OMGVIS0101-34.    Chess: The two-player strategy board game was derived out of Chaturanga, which was an ancient board game. Chaturanga was very famous in India during 6th century. OMGVIS0101-45.    Plastic Surgery: You may have heard of plastic surgery in last few years, but do you know plastic surgery was invented decades ago in India. It was invented in 2000 BCE.       OMGVIS0101-5

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