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5 Old Video Games We All Miss

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Time has changed several things. The change in technology has changed the way of playing video games. Today, we all prefer playing video games on our smartphones, but today’s video games are not like those old games that we played when we were kids. Here are five old video games that we all miss today:
1.    Duck Hunt: How one could forget this epic light gun shooter game. The game was played by every member of a family. It was fun watching a cute dog shooting ducks with a gun.OMGVIS3001-12.    Contra: If you were a game lover during your childhood, then you definitely had played this game. At that time, nothing was better than destroying enemy.OMGVIS3001-23.    Aladdin: The game was all about jumping down the street and collecting fruit. The game looked pretty much like the series. OMGVIS3001-34.    Road Rash: Every speed lover played this game. It was favorite game of some kids. They loved playing it day and night. OMGVIS3001-45.    Prince of Persia: The classic computer game was a treat for game lovers. The graphics of the game were not good enough, but still it was a favorite game of many game lovers.         OMGVIS3001-5

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