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5 Strangest Places On Earth You Probably Didn’t Know

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Earth is a wonderful planet, which has many things to surprise you. Here are five of the strangest places on earth.
1.    Caño Cristales in Columbia: It is a river situated in a mountain range in Serranía de la Macarena of Columbia. The river is also called as ‘the most beautiful river on the planet’. The surprising thing about the river is its types of flora growing on the riverbed.OMGVIS3101-1
2.    The Giant’s Causeway in the United Kingdom: The unique and surprising thing about the place is that there are more than 40,000 interlocking basalt columns. According to reports, the columns are formed due to volcanic eruption years ago.OMGVIS3101-23.    Hoia Baciu Forest in Romania: It is a forest which is also called ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of the European country. According to some reports, a number of people have gone missing in the forest. Some people said that they have sighted UFOs in the forest.OMGVIS3101-34.    The Door to Hell in Turkmenistan: As per the historians, the place today known as the Door to Hell was once a gas field. The Soviets set the field on fire. It has been burning from last four decades. OMGVIS3101-45.    Kabayan Mummy Caves in Philippines: The caves have many preserved mummies. The surprising thing is that the caves are isolated from the world.      OMGVIS3101-5

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