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5 Ways Your First Job is Different From Your Dream Job

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Many of you must be doing jobs about which you never thought of doing. Here are the ways your first job is different from your dreams job:
•    You don’t love your job and you just go to work to earn money nothing else. You don’t enjoy it at all.
If you were doing dream job you would love to work, work a lot.
•    If it’s your first job and is not your dream job then the chances are you are getting much less you think you deserve in life.
If it would have been your dream job you must be so impressive at work that even your boss can’t resist himself from paying you more or you never cared about the salary but the satisfaction.
•    You are studying and need extra money to fulfill your needs so you are doing a part time job to serve the purpose by earning money.
Dream jobs are not done for money.
•    It is not your dream job and you are doing overtime just to impress your boss and not because you have passion for your work or you love to do it.
In dream jobs you work because you love it, improve and not to impress anybody.
•    At your first job when you are given new projects you are like, “yaar, no, I don’t want to do that. I have become used to that stuff now”.
In dream job new ventures, projects seem exciting and you love to take their responsibilities.

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