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6 Things We Promise To Do But Don’t Do

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There are a lot of promises we make with ourselves, our buddies, family and people around us every day. But, we don’t keep all the made promises. Here are the things we promise to do but don’t do:
1.    There are times we promise ourselves or our family that from now onwards, we will make a workout place and follow it. But, when the time comes to do it, we break the promise.OMGKAV1407-12.    We promise that we will handle the difficult situations calmly next time and without panic but as soon as we get into one, we don’t control our emotions and just act without thinking.OMGKAV1407-23.    Students often promise their parents that please buy a video game or mobile for them and they promise to work very hard to score good marks in exams. But, once they fulfill their demands they hardly pay any attention to the promise they once made.OMGKAV1407-34.    We promise ourselves that now onwards we will never cry during tough times but when the rough situations come in our life we hardly give that thing a thought and start cribbing.OMGKAV1407-45.    We promise to our partner that we will trust him/her no matter what happen but when tough situations come we start doubting them, their moves.OMGKAV1407-56.    There are times when we get angry with our partner and decide that we would not contact him until he takes the initiative, but always find ourselves texting him after sometime.     OMGKAV1407-6

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