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7 Habits to Drop before Turning 30

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It’s good to have habits in life but all the habits have a time. You can’t start playing with Barbie dolls at the age of 40. Here are the habits to drop before turning 30:
•    You have to give up your habit of always using phone, while ignoring things, friends and family around. It is just a gadget and you can’t get so attached to it.OMGKAV14010-1•    By 30 you have a family and if not for your sake, then at least for them, stop smoking. Smoking is a very bad habit and is injurious to health.OMGKAV14010-2•    Stop spending your salary lavishly, carelessly on dining, hangouts, movies etc. It’s high time and you should start saving by the time you reach 30.OMGKAV14010-3•    Once you reach 30 all you wish for is peace of mind. So, stop keeping grudges with people and start forgiving people. OMGKAV14010-4•    If you have a habit of over-thinking or thinking about what other people say about you then you must stop giving a damn to them now. You are going to be 30 and can’t afford to waste your energy and thoughts like this.OMGKAV14010-5•    Money is not everything in life there are many other things which are very important to lead a happy life. Spend time with your loved ones as time never comes back, no matter how rich you become.OMGKAV14010-6•    If you lead a life wherein you depend on your parents for everything then it’s high time for you to be independent and take responsibility of things in life.       OMGKAV14010-7

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