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10 Signs You Are Addicted to Instagram

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There are a number of people around the world who have accounts on Instagram. Some people operate it when they are free, while some individuals who are addicted to the app love to operate their accounts all the time. Are you among those people? Here are some signs which prove that you are addicted to this photo-sharing and video-sharing app:

1. Instagram is the first thing you check in the morning and before going to sleep.OMGVIS0287-1
2. You spend more than 10 minutes while choosing a perfect filter for your picture.OMGVIS0287-2
3. You don’t eat your food without posting a picture of it on your Instagram account.OMGVIS0287-3
4. You decide your clothes based on how they will look after filter on Instagram.OMGVIS0287-4
5. For you, the best moment of the day is when you get many likes on a picture you have posted.OMGVIS0287-5
6. When you don’t get enough likes, you decide to delete your photo.OMGVIS0287-6
7. You post many pictures everyday and most of them are selfies.OMGVIS0287-7
8. You clean your bathroom mirror just to take a picture of you, so that you can post it on Instagram.OMGVIS0287-8
9. You love to operate your Instagram even when you are in a toilet.OMGVIS0287-9
10. You have a long list of followers.          OMGVIS0287-10

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